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Nov 04

Baltimore Grand Prix

Getting Ready for the GP

Yeah, this happened 2 months ago but here are some pictures of the weekend events. We just went on Saturday to see American Le Mans Series. Brent went the whole day and I just went up for the race. They put on a good show. We were able to get pretty close to the track …

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Sep 11

Millers at Milwaukee July 2012

1909 Blitzen Benz

I can’t believe I didn’t post pictures of the Millers and Milwaukee earlier. Somehow I skipped over it…probably because we were really busy during July and August with the move and traveling. Brent and I went up there again with his parents and enjoyed the event as usual. Friday it was roasty toasty (aka sweaty) …

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Jun 03

Indy 500


Boy was it hot! At least we are sitting at the top, in the shade, and there was a nice breeze. Thank goodness. This year we were joined by our good friends Colleen and David. It was David’s first Indy 500 and he loved it. Another successful convert.

Jan 18

Cool Trophy


If I was going to win a race I would want this to be my trophy. (At the Hall of Fame Museum)

Jan 14

Indy Auto Show

Me, rolling in a Fiat

Thanks to Groupon we were able to go to this puppy for $1…that seems worth it. I’ve never been to one of these things so it was kinda cool seeing a whole bunch of new cars by all different auto makers. I like sitting in new cars. Maybe some day… So I kinda love those …

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Dec 15



My car is getting old!

Jul 19

Grandpa Castle’s Article

Speaking of the Miller, I forgot to mention that Grandpa Castle and his Miller were interviewed and photographed for an article in Automobile magazine. What an amazing accomplishment. The photo shoot took place downtown in the Stutz building which goes well with the era of the car. Here is a link to the article, Reverse …

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Jul 18

Millers at Milwaukee, Day 2


Day 2 started with an auction of the late Dave Uihlein’s stuff. This included the coveted Miller 91 Supercharged Engine which ended up selling for $250,000. Crazy. I get to drive…around the track! It was great. I was nervous but it went really well and I was thankful for the opportunity. Some other cars. A …

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Jul 14

Millers at Milwaukee 2011 – Day 1

Me in the Bentley

This past weekend we took Grandpa Castle’s Miller up to the Milwaukee Mile for the annual Miller meet. Brent and I went with Brent’s parents and the car was running well so we had a lot of opportunities to take it for a spin. Official Photo Op It is split up into slow and fast …

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