Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 24

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Black Bottom Cupcakes

I think these might be a new favorite!

Sep 21

Rock Cakes

Rock Cakes

Trying my hand at some English/Aussie recipes… I saw the picture of these and thought, oh my, these look like the delicious biscuits they served at the Nordstrom men’s department restaurant in Indy (RIP). They were so good and they served them with cinnamon butter. I wasn’t fancy enough to make the butter but just …

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Sep 20

Three of Us

Me, D, and B

Trying unsuccessfully to get Dawn to look at the camera…. Unfortunately our fourth wasn’t available (Enzo not pictured).

Sep 19


Enzo and the squirrel

Sep 11

Millers at Milwaukee July 2012

1909 Blitzen Benz

I can’t believe I didn’t post pictures of the Millers and Milwaukee earlier. Somehow I skipped over it…probably because we were really busy during July and August with the move and traveling. Brent and I went up there again with his parents and enjoyed the event as usual. Friday it was roasty toasty (aka sweaty) …

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Sep 11

Nephew Time Before Leaving Indy


One Day before their 6 month birthday!

Sep 11

Don’t Believe the Hype

don't believe the hype

In San Diego

Sep 04


Mouth to Mouth

Found this on the USS Midway…I love these old signs.

Sep 03

OBX 2012

Lora, Jean, Jonas - Checking out the hole

Another summer, another great time in OBX with friends. We stayed in Corolla again at a house called Leave it Behind. It was a great house…especially when you rent some Corn Hole to go with it. Plus there was a pool! Now I just have pictures galore. The weather was perfect…not too hot and not …

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