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Aug 29

Two More NIN Photos

NIN - Trent

Aug 29

NIN Chicago, Wave Goodbye Tour

So I guess Trent has decided he’s done with live gigs. B and I went to go see one of the final shows in Chicago. It was a smaller venue which is always a special treat when it is a band you love. The concert was awesome, spectacular really. Here is a copy of the …

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May 30


May 30, 2009

Here are Paddy, Mark, and I before Nine Inch Nails started playing…and before we got soaking wet. It’s Trent’s farewell tour. I just hope he’s lying to me because I love NIN concerts. We also got to celebrate Tom Morello’s birthday, who is part of Street Sweeper Social Club. He’s terrific. Then there was Jane’s …

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Nov 19

More NIN Concert Photos

I tried to capture a little of the concert to share with Brent…so this one’s for you! Apparently this has been the only concert the whole tour without an encore. WHAT?! Very disappointing. Opening band: Boris. Kind of interesting. I wonder what they sound like in CD form. When we were walking in they sounded …

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Nov 18


They rock so much. He puts on the best concerts. This is my fifth one and I’ll keep going back. AMAZING lighting. Thanks Mark and Darcy for going with me! Mark went with me all the way up to Fort Wayne because he’s such a good friend. My partner in crime, Brent, couldn’t go because …

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