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Nov 06

Chair Back Cat

Chair Back Z

Nov 05

D and E

Tandem floor laying

Sep 20

Three of Us

Me, D, and B

Trying unsuccessfully to get Dawn to look at the camera…. Unfortunately our fourth wasn’t available (Enzo not pictured).

Sep 19


Enzo and the squirrel

Aug 06

The B and E

B and E

Jul 10

Who’s that Lady

Lady Dawn

Jun 30

Hanging Out

Enzo ChairTop

Jun 24


Cute Dawners

Sometimes she lays in such cute positions.

Jan 28



Jan 25

Dawners at the Greyhound Resort

Dawn and Tripod

We were gone for a day in December but on facebook we still got to see her. She’s asleep with the dog known as Tripod because she’s only got three legs. The greyhound resort is awesome and not just because they sent us some of Dawn’s new favorite treats.

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