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Aug 28

A to Z: X is for 10-01

Ok, so there really are no X restaurants in Indianapolis but this summer a new place in Broad Ripple shows up and in an exercise of stretching my imagination I realize 10 is X in roman numerals. Right?! Finally moving on through to the very end of the alphabet at 10-01. Located right next to …

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May 05

A to Z: W is for Wise Guys Pizza


Wise Guys Pizza is a restaurant/carry out/delivery place in Fishers. We chose this place because the reviews online said ‘excellent breadsticks’ and I sure to like some good breadsticks. We went for lunch and they do have a lunch special that was pretty good (a slice of pizza, drink, and bullets (small breadsticks)) but we …

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May 05

A to Z: V is for Villaggio Ristorante

Villaggio Food

Villaggio Ristorante is an Italian restaurant in Zionsville. The inside looks a little what you imagine to be an old Italian setting. It looks nice and the waitstaff was really great. So onward to the meal. Started with a standard appetizer of Bruschetta Toscana which has soft goat cheese spread over fresh crostini and topped …

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Apr 14

A to Z: U is for Uptown Cafe

Uptown Food

Uptown Cafe in Noblesville is where we decided to go for our U restaurant. Uptown Cafe is a small little breakfast lunch place on the square. It really has a small town old diner feel. Their menu isn’t very big but they usually have a special of the day. The food prices are really reasonable …

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Mar 23

A to Z: T is for Trader’s Point Creamery (The Loft)

Brent TPC

Trader’s Point Creamery has a restaurant that is open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. It also has a milk bar that is open during the day for ice cream, milk shakes, and the like. We decided to try the restaurant for dinner. Their menu seems to change with the seasons and they feature different …

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Feb 20

A to Z: S is for Scotty’s Lakehouse

Scotty's Lakehouse Foods

Scotty’s Lakehouse is related to the Scotty’s Brewhouse we know and love. This restaurant is located in the Geist area and features locally grown, organic ingredients with a focus on burgers. They also have a pretty good beer selection as well. I got the #3 which is fried egg, apple wood smoked bacon, fair oaks …

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Feb 05

A to Z: R is for Recess

I know it took forever for us to get to our R restaurant. We knew Recess was the chosen restaurant for a long time and we kinda scoped out the menu (because it changes daily) and had scheduling conflicts which caused delays. Finally I proposed we just make reservations and go for it because otherwise …

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Dec 06

A to Z: Q is for Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco is the only Q restaurant we could find and it’s a Mexican restaurant in Westfield. It was basically standard Mexican food. We had the queso for an appetizer to dip our chips in, yum. Then we both got a combination dinner. Mine had one chalupa, one chile relleno, one enchilada (chicken). All were …

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Dec 06

A to Z: P is for Patties of Jamaica

Paddies of Jamaica

Patties of Jamaica is a small place with two booths. It is kind of like Yats in that is has cheap dishes that also can come with rice. We tried their patties which are basically a yummy pastry filled with a ground beef mixture. It was really good. An added bonus is that you can …

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Dec 02

A to Z: O is for Oh Yumm Bistro

Oh Yumm Bistro is a restaurant close to home at 56th and Illinois. It is a smaller place with a somewhat intimate atmosphere, darkened lighting and such. The waitstaff was great, very friendly and willing to help with our dinner selections. We decided against an appetizer but went for the soups. I got the sweet …

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