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Aug 07

Italy Photos

Aug 7, 2008

finally we put them on the wall…

Apr 19

Ah, Rome at Night

I remember…it was beautiful. NYTimes continues to tease me with thoughts of vacationing in Italy.

Oct 23

Painting Trevi Red

NYTimes article about a man who put red dye in the Trevi Fountain. It’s amazing how many meanings one action can have. Criminal to Artist eh?  All in the eye of the beholder.

Aug 06

Italy Posts Done

Finally, I finished my job recounting our events in Italy. If you want to check it out…reminder that you can just click on Italy on the right side of the page. Or Click Here.

Jul 07

I’m Back

Just returned from Italy, if you didn’t know and were wondering why I haven’t posted anything. I’m going to write about our adventure but it may take a little while so look out for back dating. I don’t have all the pictures with me because the camera is still in Italy with Heather and Neil, …

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Jul 06

Day 12, Travel Home

In flight

We get up, get ready, get in a taxi, and are on our way to the Florence airport. Unfortunately our flight is a little delayed so when we get to Frankfurt, Germany we are making a run for it to our next plane. I’m sure we look ridiculous but we get there and they tell …

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Jul 06

Back in the States

July 6, 2007

(Brent hates when people say ‘the states’.)  We made it back…here we are in Washington DC waiting for our flight back to Indy.

Jul 05

Day 11, Last Full Day

The view down toward Pitti Palace

Last full Italy day…I can’t believe it. It has gone by so quickly and overall I’m impressed by this country and absolutely love it. First, we wake up, eat breakfast in our room, and then meet up with H and N. Today is Duomo day, today we climb to the top. No, not the short …

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Jul 05

Climb the Duomo

July 5, 2007

While climbing up there are these ‘windows’ to give you some feedback on how high up you are…you have no idea if you are getting close or not but at least it gives you the feeling you aren’t trapped.  It also keeps a little air circulating because it sure isn’t air conditioned in that stairwell.

Jul 04

Day 10, Museum Day


Ah, we wake up in Florence and get breakfast in our room. See we are moving up in the world, first Rome, no breakfast, then San G. breakfast in a common room, now here in Florence breakfast in the room. Fancy pants. Ooo la la, they make a good cappuccino. The name of the place …

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