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May 19

Frederick Half Marathon


Finally got to my first half marathon post-baby. The weather was perfect and Frederick is a nice town. It was pretty good course with some hills, because yes, Maryland. The worst was there was a decent one in the last half mile…I just didn’t have the oomph for that one. I might have kept running …

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Jun 03

Geist Half 2012

running fun

It was their 5th anniversary and we had a good run. The weather was pretty good and although we were slow from lack of training it turned out better than I thought.

Oct 23

Nike Women’s Marathon – San Fran Day 3

Jean and I around mile 12

Wake up around 5 and start pre-race routine. Worry you forgot something, meet Jean at 6:15. Start run at 7…or more like 7:25. Run, bob and weave, walk, Run, Run. Take a couple pics with us and the Golden Gate. Around mile 12 see our entourage! Mile 14, bathroom break, eat Gu (vanilla–the only way …

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May 21

Geist Half 2011

Me and Jean post run

Jean and I made our running come back with the Geist Half. Kinda slower than one might hope at 2:11 (including a bathroom break) but with those hills and it being a little warmer, I guess it isn’t too bad. Jean’s awesome and keeps me going…you couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime.

May 09

Mini Marathon 2010

It was kinda cold and pretty windy but overall it went pretty well. I ran with music which was a first for me…I think it made it go by quicker. I finished with 2:02:26. I thought I was going to be able to get around 2 hours but my hips and legs were so tight …

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Nov 07

Monumental Half Marathon

Jean and I embarked on another half today. In an email leading up to this we both discussed how not to expect much from the other because of my lack of proper training and her calf muscle being all knotted up. Well, we both did better than expected because we rocked it out. Jean got …

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Oct 24

Knobstone Trail Run

Jean and I ventured down to Morgan-Monroe State Park for a 10 mile trail run called Knobstone Trail Mini-Marathon. There was a 5k, 10k, 10 mile, and 13.1 mile option. I thought the 13.1 might be a little much for some newbies and I was right. I thought well if we want at the end …

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Oct 17

Indianapolis Marathon Relay

Jean needed a 4th person for her co-worker relay team, Homecare Hotties. I had the first leg and she had the last one. While we were chatting after my leg, she missed the bus to the relay spot. So we went on a journey to find it. No problem…then I made her take a picture …

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Sep 14

Beyond the Badge

Sept 14, 2009

Here are Jean and I after Beyond the Badge which is a 5k at Crown Hill Cemetery for fallen police officers. It had the highest point in Marion County…we ventured up it…it is so steep.

Jul 09

Missing Part of the Brain

makes it easier to run long distances. CRAZY! NYTimes Article

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