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Feb 01

A Home Treatment Kit for Super Bowl Suffering

How to help yourself when the game isn’t going your way. Article

Apr 26

Who Knew?

Greyhounds hunting coyotes…good thing Dawn’s retired.

Jul 09

Missing Part of the Brain

makes it easier to run long distances. CRAZY! NYTimes Article

Apr 09

Doga – Dog Yoga

Yeah, pretty sure this is crazy. I know Dawn does a lot of downward dog poses during the day but I’m pretty sure she isn’t up for this. I mean look at the dog in the picture…scared to death. If you are going to exercise with your dog…I’m guessing going for a run is the …

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Mar 28

Netflix, A Relationship Breaker?

Yikes, can’t you just see some type A personality couple battling it out….good thing B and I are kinda laid back with similar movie interests. Plus, I try to save the chick flicks for view instantly. NYTimes Article.

Feb 04

Caring Nurses

An article in the NYTimes about an oncology nurse who gets attached to dying patient. The good and evil of nursing…you want to make a difference but sometimes it can be painful.

Dec 13

Run with a Kenyan

A wife gets her husband a birthday gift to run with a Kenyan. Sounds like fun…except…how embarrassing would it be to run your own slow pace? Apparently he kicked it up a notch to about a 7 min pace but still…he’d be lucky if I could pull a 8:30 min pace for those 8 miles. …

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Dec 08

Greys For Obama

That’s right! Apartment Therapy lead me to this article. I totally agree…with the busy lifestyle they’re going to have, a greyhound would be the perfect pet.

Nov 04

Obama 44

Nov 4, 2008

It even looks like he may turn Indiana blue…amazing. Article

Nov 04

Election Day

Obama Wins! This is really great.

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