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Mar 31

Love v. Numbers


Both can be found outside the IMA @ 38th and Michigan. And our thoughts on the special exhibit, Everything is Separated by Water, not the greatest…but if you are a fan of installations you may enjoy this.

Mar 31


March 31, 2007

Don’t you know you go to the art museum to play bongos?

Mar 30

Smelly Trees

So Spring is here, which I like, but I don’t like the some of the trees with the white flowers on them. They smell bad…

Mar 29


Here’s a picture of the monon at 54th street. We were eating outside at Mama Corrola’s. So beautiful.

Mar 28

3 Way Mirror Cont.

2nd Angle

2nd Angle (middle mirror) 3rd Angle (mirror on my right)

Mar 28

3 Way Mirror

So the picture of the day will be only one…but see the other post (3 way mirror cont.) for the other two pictures. Do a lot of people actually try on clothes and go out to look at themselves at every angle?

Mar 27

Hair Cut

Joey always styles it funky…maybe I’ll try to replicate.

Mar 26


March 26, 2007

Brent got another acceptance so we went out for some celebratory dinner. It is like looking for images in the clouds…What do you see?

Mar 25


New, huge, take over my face, trendy sunglasses with butterflies on the side. Brent encouraged me…they were only $10. Side note for the day: Jean and I are training for the mini and we ran 12 miles this morning! We totally rock. Thanks to the wonderful Brent Castle for providing motivation and gatorade for the …

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Mar 25

Neil’s Bday/Butler Game

Neil turned 26. Therefore, we celebrate by watching the Butler game at Oaken Barrel. Unfortunately Butler lost but we still had a good time. Neil gets free yummy chocolate cake…(those candles are Butler’s colors) And yes, I helped him finish his cake. Brent and Neil with party favors… Then we go back to H and …

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