Monthly Archive: April 2007

Apr 30


April 30, 2007

She is such a fraidy dog… She doesn’t like her nails cut one bit.

Apr 29

Dark Lord Festival

Here is a few more pictures of our day… Here is what part of the long line looked like at three floyds. Lucky for us it was a nice day out…little did we know we were in for a little sunburn on the neck. I may have stole this picture from Jean but I’m sure …

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Apr 29

Shoe Row

April 29, 2007

Can Brent stay this organized?

Apr 28

The Dark Lord

According to the beer advocate, Dark Lord Imperial Stout is the world’s 2nd best beer. That is why the boys are carrying a case each. And that’s why we stood in line for about 2.5 hrs to get it. Did I mention, they got scared at one point and bought a couple off some other …

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Apr 27

Me and Z

He’s so silly. He went to the eye doctor today and we’re going to fix his teary eye. I guess the vet said he was probably going to be the highlight of her day because he is so good. He is just the best cat ever! Who rubs faces with the vet? He’s such as …

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Apr 26


April 26, 2007

Need to play more Disc Golf… The Cyclone 2 is my disc of choice…what is yours?

Apr 25

Craft Mag

April 25, 2007

Here is my shout out to Craft Magazine.

Apr 24


April 24, 2007

Here we are…

Apr 23


April 23, 2007

This means my break lights don’t work again…will the car difficulties ever stop? Did I mention when I left work my car wouldn’t start and Brent had to come and fix Lucy again?

Apr 22

Most Beautiful Campus

Brent - Lindley

Where else? IU-Bloomington. Brent wanted to check out the building he’ll be spending most of his time and to get the requisite Indiana t-shirt to signify he attends IU. The building behind me isn’t the one…here’s the one he’ll be in.

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