Monthly Archive: May 2007

May 31

Enzo turns 3

I kind of made up his birthday date because that is what you have to do when find your loved one at the humane society. I think he has had a good birthday. I broke down and gave him a couple small pieces of chicken we had for dinner (I don’t do table scraps), he’s …

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May 30

Colleen’s Back

May 30, 2007

from Portland, ME.  It is so good to see her.  We have all missed her, especially me, and especially at Wellington Wednesday.  Congrats to her for all her hard work at Salt.  I can’t wait to hear her two stories.

May 29


I didn’t think I was going to go for the bermuda shorts but I ended up purchasing a pair. I’m not necessarily a shorts person but if I’m going to do it, I prefer not having my booty hanging out…these seem to do the trick. And doesn’t everyone hate the feeling of their legs sticking …

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May 28


May 28, 2007

Looking for stuff to wear in Italy…found a couple things. I also needed some brown flip-flops. *Threadless page update*

May 27

Indy 500

May 27, 2007

Here is the view from our seats, very nice…  We get to sit on the top row, which means we can stand on our seats and get a nice breeze, good for those hot days. Unfortunately it rained and we had to purchase ponchos, yes, Brent and I always seem to be unprepared unlike the …

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May 26

A Tasty Burger

Get some yummy beef from Kincaid’s meat market, fresh produce from the local veggie/fruit stand, and an english muffin bun from well…Kroger. Not everything can be special. Brent added some ingredients to the ground beef to make it even more flavorful and the end product turned out to be spectacular. Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market also …

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May 25


May 25, 2007

Neil’s out of town so Brent and I get to spend some time with H. Here are Heather and I playing Wii. We are concentrating, Excite Truck is very difficult!

May 24

Ride in a Indy Car

May 24, 2007

Across the street, at Moe and Johnny’s, people had a chance tonight to take a ride in the Canadian Club two seater indy car. We didn’t partake but we did get to watch many others enjoy themselves.  There also seemed to be some Jim Beam fun time going on as well.

May 23


May 23, 2007

On the farm.

May 22

Enzo Wins

May 22, 2007

kind of…well he didn’t win best overall picture but he must have been a runner-up because his picture did get in the paper.

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