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Jul 31


July 31, 2007

He’s always there hoping for a bite.  It happens so often sometimes you don’t even notice him.  But if you give him an inch…he lets you know he’s there.

Jul 30

Mmm Brownie

July 30, 2007

Not only does Sunflower Market have decent cookies but this brownie is also pretty darn good. I have a dessert problem.

Jul 29

Entertainment Center

July 29, 2007

aka…Enzo’s perch.

Jul 28

Finished Harry Potter

Thanks to Brent letting me read in the car on the way to and fro Martinsville for Jon’s daughter’s birthday party/house warming.  I thought I should mention him because he is someone that actually reads my blog.  Thanks Jon, love the new home.  Good luck with that pond. PS…I’m smiling because I’m getting my picture …

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Jul 27

New Camera

July 27, 2007

Now we have our very own digital SLR… Thanks Terry and Karen!

Jul 26

Grilled Cheese

and tomato.  It is very delicious.  We tried making them on our new cast iron skillet which was a bit of a challenge.  But after one throw away, we figured it out.  Here is mine…

Jul 25


July 25, 2007

You know, Wellington Wednesday…

Jul 24


It has been 3 years and we always go back to the Melting Pot.  Why?  Because that is where he asked me to marry him you silly people.  And it is a fabulous restaurant.  Here I am eating a salad.  Brent was making fun of me because I do a silly dance when food tastes …

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Jul 23

The Streets

July 23, 2007

Jul 22

Harry Potter, Book Time

July 22, 2007

Yes, the seventh and final installment of Harry Potter came out yesterday and I have spent the majority of my day today reading it.  I’ve moving along…so far so good.  You’ll see I’ve used a coaster as a bookmark…

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