Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sep 30

3:10 to Yuma

310 to Yuma

Who knew I liked westerns. 3:10 to Yuma was really good. There were a couple surprise actors I didn’t know were going to be in the movie like Luke Wilson and Alan Tudyk (Death at a Funeral or Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball). Crowe and Bale were a great combination. So Bale, good guy…Crowe, bad …

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Sep 30

Halftime Show

We were over at Chris and Jean’s today for the colts game.  Dave and Mark decided to jam during the halftime…not too bad. By the way, this morning was the last run before the marathon.  A little 10 mile run.  It was so nice.  Let’s not talk about the 16 we get to add to …

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Sep 29

Terry Retired

Brent’s father, Terry, has finally retired from Rolls-Royce.  Today we celebrate! What do you do once you retire?  Still help clean the dishes. We also celebrated Karen’s birthday, which is in a few days.  It was a surprise for her…Heather made some cupcakes to accompany the delicious apple pie we had. Oh and Terry has …

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Sep 28

Friday with Fellows

So tonight there was a fellowship get together.  For those of you who know Brent you probably know what I mean when I say the fellowship.  And those who don’t…Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowship is what I’m talking about.  One of the companies former owners, Mark Hill, of Baker Hill invited all the fellows, …

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Sep 27

Season Premier

Eileen invited us gals over for the season premier of Grey’s Anatomy.  I hadn’t seen her and Patty’s new house so I got tour.  It is really nice!  I made some brownies for Jean, Eileen, and I to enjoy while we watched the drama unfold. Thanks for the invite, it was a great time. Before …

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Sep 26

Hot Sauce

We went to Hot Shotz tonight.  We didn’t use any of their hot sauce but they are famous for their variety.  Wall of Flame…very clever.

Sep 25

Ooo Circles

Sept 25, 2007

Knob Update:  Fixed!

Sep 25

Book Club – Lamb

Lamb - Moore

We had book club number two!  There were a couple less people because of illness, sleepiness, and throwing class.  It was still good though.  This month we read Lamb:  The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore.  It was a fairly comical book and it was quite interesting to read about how Jesus …

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Sep 24

Broken Knob

Sept 24, 2007

So our front door knob to our building has gradually gotten more broken until well, it finally broke off. I think it was Saturday morning, Brent and I were going out and it was basically just hanging on for dear life and Brent took it off all the way, not exactly on purpose. So anyhow, …

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Sep 23

2 Weeks Until…

I run my first marathon. Yes, it is almost here. Now with a couple 20 mile runs under my belt I’m ready to try to add 6.2 on to that. Errr, .2, I know that is going to be the most evil part of the run. Today Jean and I did 14 miles which turned …

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