Monthly Archive: October 2007

Oct 31

Breakfast Stout

Michelle, our wonderful bartender, saved us a 4 pack of Breakfast Stout which we got to drink at our Wednesday Wellington tonight.  It was super delicious.  She also brought out the chocolate mousse dessert.  She is totally awesome.  Happy Halloween! 

Oct 30

Animal Crackers

Oct 30, 2007

Still love em’. And a good low calorie snack.

Oct 30

The Unheard

The Unheard:  A Memoir of Deafness and Africa by Josh Swiller was our book this month.  It was written by a man who went over to Zambia through the Peace Corps in 1994.  He talks about his experience and how it didn’t quite go as he expected.  He is deaf but with the help of hearing aids he …

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Oct 29

Karl Gets His Plates

Oct 29, 2007

Karl finally joined us for book club.  Probably because he knew I was bringing his licence plate and registration.  He asked Brent to pick them up from his car that he left in Bloomington and then I was the deliverer of said goods.  Anyhow, not too important.  Hopefully Brent and Karl can get together some …

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Oct 28

The NFL in London

NY Times article I love football. Sometimes it is a little over the top… “Players were announced with fireworks and bursts of flames. The N.F.L. does not do subtle, and it was not about to start now.” Sound like London got a little dose of the superbowl. Maybe this will be the start of more …

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Oct 28

Hair Cut-e

I helped give Brent a hair cut today.  Geez, the bathroom was a hairy mess.  Anyhow, he’s been wanting to try short and basically all one length.  We didn’t get that far but we did get down to a 4 guard on top and 2 guard on the sides.  We decided to stop there.  I …

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Oct 27

Colts Dog

Oct 27, 2007

Look at Abby in her Colt’s Jersey.  She’s such a fan.  We visited Heather and Neil tonight and got to hear about Heather’s new job with The Center of Philanthropy at IUPUI.  First week and she’s already writing proposals!  Congrats.  I don’t know what’s going on but 3 days in a row I’ve got domestic …

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Oct 27

The Darjeeling Limited

The new Wes Anderson movie, The Darjeeling Limited, came out last night.  It was at Landmark Theater and I have to say we fought some crowds because Lars and the Real Girl came out as well.  According to the ticket sellers, by the time we got there it was a ‘sit in the first row …

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Oct 26

Old Kitty and Kendra

Oct 26, 2007

Well since yesterday was new puppy…I guess today is me and old kitty.  His name is Enzo and he is super cute as well.

Oct 25

New Puppy

Oct 25, 2007

Eileen and Paddy got a puppy.  It is supposedly a corgi/mastiff mix.  He is super cute and his name is Henry. You have to respect those sharp puppy teeth.

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