Monthly Archive: November 2007

Nov 30

My Kid Could Paint That

Spoiler Alert. This movie is a documentary about a child, Marla Olmstead, 4 or 5 years old at the time who paints extraordinary abstact art. In the beginning of My Kid Could Paint That you think, ‘wow, she’s really good’ then you see the 60 Minutes piece and you think, ‘ that is so rude …

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Nov 30

E and the Tree

Nov 30, 2007

Nov 29

Crazy Straw

Nov 29, 2007

Every once in a while you should use a crazy straw when drinking.  It makes drinking water just a little more fun.

Nov 28

C and the Recurrent Ponytail

I have another picture of Colleen sporting this same hairstyle in June… Someday, she hopes to single handedly bring it back…Good Luck. Brandon, why are you looking creepy in the background?

Nov 27


Aww, he’s so cute.  My Great Aunt, Darlene,  gave him to me when I was a baby.   He’s supposed to be ‘turn me and I’ll make music’ but he is now separated from his base.  I still have the base but have decided not to glue him back on as of right now (He’s been …

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Nov 26

Love in the Time of Cholera

Love in the Time of Cholera is by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Yes, I know, Oprah book club book.  Whatever, she’s putting her hands all over everything; some stuff has to be good.  What I’m saying is that that is not why it was chosen.  Reasons why it was chosen are some members love 100 Years …

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Nov 26

Last Monday of the Month

That means book club.  Next month I can’t use that title because it falls on new years eve and then the week before is christmas eve so…3rd Monday of the month it is.  So hopefully we picked what will be a shorter, easy read and therefore do-able in the short amount of time.  This means …

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Nov 25


Or operation ‘put up new pre-lit artifical tree’. I’m fluffing the branches.  (I guess that is what you call it.)  Enzo is thinking of the best way to jump in the thing.

Nov 25

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone was directed by Ben Affleck and stared his brother Casey.  Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman were also in the movie.  Of course, this movie takes place in a neighborhood the Afflecks know oh so well, the Boston area. An overview is that a little girl has gone missing from a mother who …

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Nov 24

Searching for a Tree

Nov 24, 2007

What does Brent find?  Inflatable penguin.  We decided Enzo would like it too much and eventually he would be totally covered in duck tape.

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