Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 31

New Year’s Eve

Tonight we went out with Colleen and Chris H.  We started the evening with sushi at Naked Tchopstix and then went to the Wellington.  Michelle was working, hurray…and made Colleen and I delicious martinis.  This is why I love knowing the bartender, because you can just have her make you good things and not have …

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Dec 31

3 Movies, 1 Day

After excessive socialization with people we were worn out and decided to sit on the couch and watch, watch, watch… A Scanner Darkly I have to give this movie props for what I’m calling adaptation animation.  I realized afterward it was based on a book and perhaps it is better as a book.  It didn’t …

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Dec 30

Snugglin’ Kitty

Dec 30, 2007

I think after being away for a few days over Christmas, Enzo went though human contact withdrawal.  He’s been sleeping next to me, on me, and bothering me a little more than usual…

Dec 29

Brent’s Birthday Party

Dec 29, 2007

His birthday isn’t until the 5th but we celebrated the occasion with family today.  Crab legs and yummy cake…I’d have to say is was a pretty good party. 

Dec 28

Mark and Todd

We spent the majority of our college weekends hanging out with either one or both of these guys.  Disc golf, poker, movies, video games…

Dec 28

Movies, Movies, Movies

District B13

Ok, maybe you figured us out…we watch movies.  What does a girl get a guy for Christmas, Netflix subscription.  Oh Yeah.  I’m pretending that we have time to take advantage of this with school, work, and other obligations.  Right now we are in the free trial period where you get 3 a time, which is …

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Dec 28


After what seems like months of seeing previews for this movie, we finally saw Juno last night.  It was terrific and that Ellen Page is a great actress.  Who doesn’t love a witty, dark humored, pregnant 16 year old?  Probably a lot of people but hey it makes for a great movie.  This movie was …

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Dec 27

Todd Visits

Dec 27, 2007

It is so good to see him, in all his extreme laid back-ness.  We’re trying to convince him Indiana is way cooler than Kansas, and not just because we live here.  Move back, please!

Dec 27

Christmas Time

How many Christmases can you have? Quite a few it seems. Saturday before Christmas we celebrated with my dad’s side of the family, then opened presents with my mom, Mike, and Maxine so we didn’t have to travel to Wisconsin with extra luggage. Finally that night Brent, Enzo, and I exchanged gifts. Next day, leave …

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Dec 26


Dec 26, 2007

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