Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 31


The car I parked by at IUPUI was sporting this plate. I had to take a picture (Brent is a Linux user). I haven’t made the switch yet. My primary reason at the moment is because of school. I know you can run windows within the darn thing but I’m used to my programs… (excuses. …

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Jan 30

Jean and Chris

The Ross’ are having a baby boy…named Jonas! They look so happy. Maybe it’s the baby, maybe it’s the fact I’m taking their picture, or maybe it’s because they just had Bazbeaux. (Perhaps all 3)

Jan 30

The World Without Us

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman is about what may happen to the earth if humans just simply disappeared. At first I thought, ‘What is this? If humans just disappeared, poof, vanished, that would never happen. This book is ridiculous.’ I kept going because it is for book club and you never know how …

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Jan 30

You Double Dipped the Chip?!

NYTime Article. Hey, I say unless you are sick (and I’m with close friends) dip away. Mmm germs. Now we know why the invention of bite sized was so important.

Jan 29

Yats for Dinner

Jan 29, 2008

Sorry, not very pretty but very yummy.

Jan 28

Pretty Candle

Jan 28, 2008

Jan 27

3 Bags

Which one do I want to use…the purse, messenger bag, or tote bag. So far it is messenger bag for sunday class, tote bag for work and weekday class, and purse for those other times…

Jan 26

Hair Cut

Jan 26, 2008

Here I am again with a hair cut. Nothing fancy… If only I had skillz to make it look this good all the time.

Jan 25

New Photographer

Jan 25, 2008

We went out with Mark to Rock Bottom. Here he taking a picture of his food which will probably end up on his blahg sometime.

Jan 24

The Light’s On

Jan 24, 2008

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