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Feb 29

Lots of Big Contraptions

Feb 29, 2008

Feb 28


Feb 28, 2008

Feb 27

Nursing School

Feb 27, 2008

Here I come. Summer ’08. Now we just have to figure out all the lovely details of semi-life changing events.

Feb 26


Feb 26, 2008

I’m trying out a new magazine, Monocle. It deals with world affairs, business, culture, and design. (It has this ABCDE (edits) layout.) I haven’t really been a big reader of magazines so we’ll see how this one goes. I like that it is headquartered in multiple places around the world.

Feb 26

Swiller Gets Cochlear Implants

It said in the book, Unheard: A Memoir of Deafness and Africa, he had received cochlear implants. Here is an article in the NY Times talking briefly about his expereince.

Feb 25

Giving Blood

Feb 25, 2008

Finally, I took the plunge and gave blood. I hadn’t ever done it before and was a little nervous. Everyone knew I was nervous because my blood pressure took a hike toward the sky. I knew it wasn’t going to be bad, it was just the unknown. I was a little light headed at the …

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Feb 25


Saturday is a book by Ian McEwan. (The author is now more popular because of the movie Atonement.) The book is about a man, Henry, and his experiences and thoughts throughout one day, Saturday. Many people liked this book and a few people didn’t like it. Some found it boring and felt like nothing happened, …

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Feb 25


Yes, of course we watched them. While drinking some of our Italian wine, finally. Having seen 4 out of the 5 best picture nominees we were interested to see if our predictions of the winners panned out. We haven’t seen Atonement yet but don’t worry. If we don’t see it in the theater, I’ve already …

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Feb 24

Dinner Time

I know…it’s totally ridiculous. How many photos-a-day can be of a cat? I’m just so lucky to have something that moves around a lot and doesn’t yell or meow at me (too much) for constantly taking his picture.

Feb 24

Future Wall Mount?

Cats like height

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