Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 30

The Urban Achievers

That’s us! We started our softball league today. B and I … along with Chris, Colleen, Eileen, Mark, and a few others. Here is the front of our t-shirts. We also have numbers on the back. I ordered them through CustomInk and I have to say I was very impressed. They turned out great and …

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Jun 29



WALL·E is a Pixar movie. It is surprising how good these movies are. I didn’t really know what this movie was about when we went to it. I only knew he was a robot. It turns out he is basically the last ‘living’ thing on Earth. Slowly but surely he is compacting trash and somehow …

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Jun 29


June 29, 2008

for ice cream…it is so much fun.

Jun 28

26th Birthday.

June 28, 2008

One year older…here was my day… Well it kind of started the night before when Brent gave me my presents of Guitar Hero 3 and Monocle. So I stayed up a little to late because Guitar Hero is quite addicting. We went to breakfast at Patachou. Had a bike ride up to Carmel for ice …

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Jun 27


June 27, 2008

Unfortunately there was rain so we were unable to go to the IMA to see The Goonies…but we were able to watch the movie at our place. It was nice to have all our friends over to celebrate my birthday. Jean was nice enough to make cookies AND carrot cake cupcakes. It was a very …

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Jun 26

Iron and Sugar

June 26, 2008

Neil and Heather celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary on the 15th of this month. We finally gave them their present, cast iron skillet and some chocolates. At the same time we went out to dinner for my birthday with his parents and them. Some delicious Mexican and then ice cream dessert. Also, while we were …

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Jun 25

Moving Building

B sent me this link… Take a look at the video if you so desire. Can you believe it? What will they think of next? The fourth picture reminds me of Jenga.

Jun 25

It’s Open!

Fresh Market…hurray! I ventured over there after school today to visit Mike (employed in the produce department) and see the new place. It was packed. I think they had all the employees they hired working there in addition to everyone in the neighborhood stopping in to check it out. There were free samples galore which …

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Jun 24

Bag o’ Goodies

June 24, 2008

I know I paid for this thing but here is a bag the nursing school provided filled with all sorts of stuff I get to use for practice purposes. I think it has some IV tubing, foley catheter, gloves, bandages, and all sorts of other stuff. Maybe some of the stuff will be used as …

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Jun 23

Alternate View

June 23, 2008

Two days…then we can walk across the street for some fresh fruit. Nursing School: Today was the first day of second summer session. I see a major increase in my workload in the near future.

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