Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 31

Sushi Leftovers

Aug 31, 2008

Aug 30

Photo Time

Aug 30, 2008

Tonight we went over to my Mom and Mike’s for belated anniversary home cookin’. Ribs on the barbee (oh my goodness, soo good), corn on the cob (fresh, tasty, and locally grown), and key lime pie (which my mom sent a whole one home with us). We also had lunch with Chris, Jean, and Jonas. …

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Aug 29


Aug 29, 2008

Brent brought back Alias this week. Tonight we went out to dinner the Heather and Neil. They were nice enough to bring us some home grown tomatoes and cherry wine from Michigan. These were considered belated anniversary presents for our fruit anniversary. (Thanks!) We went to Broad Ripple Brewpub and had some of their wonderful …

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Aug 28

The Med-Surg Book

Aug 28, 2008

So Enzo was laying next to it so I had to add him in the picture. This book is so big, with so much information…it scares me. It has to be more than 2 inches thick. This is supposedly the class everyone worries about. We’ll see how the first test goes…and adjust from there. It …

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Aug 27

A Bug

Aug 27, 2008

Nursing School: Today was my first day of med-surg clinical with our nurse preceptor. Our school is trying out a pilot project where they use a nurse preceptor instead of just having all 10 of us there set days with just our clinical faculty instructor to teach all of us. Another girl and I are …

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Aug 26


Aug 26, 2008

Good for making a chocolate martini which I’ve only done once…but it was good.

Aug 26

Biden Timeline

I like short and sweet history. NYtimes Biden Timeline Oh and here’s Barack’s

Aug 25

Oh Olympics

I will miss you. My first evening without you had been has been uneventful. I will miss watching people give all they have for the gold. I liked NYTimes pictures of the day.

Aug 25

Adult Sippy Cup

That’s right. There is a device to stick in the top of your wide-mouth nalgene so you decrease the risk of spilling or splashing all over yourself. I told a classmate about a time I was driving to class and tried to drink from my nalgene unsuccessfully and spilled water all over myself. My shirt …

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Aug 24


a greyhound could live with us. As many may know I really want a dog. I know they are added responsibility because you have to take them outside to use the bathroom and for exercise. You can’t just leave them for a weekend or 24 hours like a cat. I love boxers but I know …

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