Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 31

Lip Butter #1

Guarana Berry Lip Butter from The Body Shop. I got this for free during a special. It is very fruity.

Oct 30

Carmex Stick Form

Oct 30, 2008

what a great invention. I can remember how excited and happy I was when this first came out.

Oct 29


Oct 29, 2008

to be played with. Throw my ball NOW!

Oct 28

Burt’s Bees

Recent addition to my life. Brent started using Burt’s bees and because with him things disappear and then reappear we ended up having a few lying around so I started using it. Very good…and minty.

Oct 27

Free Chapstick

I think I got this when I shadowed a nurse before starting nursing school. It basically seems like mint wax…it reminds me of the stuff I used to put on the cork of my clarinet. But it is the chapstick in my purse.

Oct 26


Oct 26, 2008

Oct 26

Saw V

We ventured out to see a halloween type movie…Saw V. Yes, it is the fifth one in the series. In this one they give some explanation about what happened in the previous movies and how the main character, that we saw die in the fourth movie, find someone to pick up where he left off. …

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Oct 25

Grandparents in Town

All the way from Wisconsin and they brought cheese! They are really wonderful.

Oct 24

Chapstick Addict

I NEED to have chapstick. It’s everywhere. In every bag, by the bed, in the living room and of course the bathroom. Generally I stick with some moisturizing kind. I grew-up with Carmex but have ventured away slightly because Burt’s is pretty awesome and I like trying different ‘flavors’ too. So in the next week …

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Oct 24

An Unlikely Weapon

An Unlikely Weapon

We saw our last Heartland film Thursday night which was the last night of showings. An Unlikely Weapon is about Eddie Adams. It centered around a famous photo he took during the Vietnam War that showed a general shooting a Vietcong prisoner in the head on the street. The movie showed past interviews with him …

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