Monthly Archive: June 2009

Jun 30

Shadow Feet

June 30, 2009

They look better in the dark.

Jun 29

Dawn and I

June 29, 2009

Silly animals always have red eye photo issues.

Jun 28

27 Years Old

Brent and I after birthday dinner at Ruth Chris. It was great weather for my birthday which started with usual Sunday brunch with Colleen, then printing off stuff for school (boo), movie (The Brothers Bloom, review to come), and disc golf with Mark (who got me water, thanks Mark!). And thanks B for making it …

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Jun 27

Birthday with Familiy

June 27, 2009

I got the classic Dairy Queen ice cream cake that I had all the time as a kid…it is still delicious.

Jun 26

Card from Jonas

June 26, 2009

Tonight I got to go out to eat with some friends at Mama Corolla’s for my birthday…they included Jonas, Jean, Colleen, Vinnie, and Brent. It was a great time!

Jun 25

Close Up

June 25, 2009

Jun 24

Scrub Caps

I was tired of wearing the blue bouffant cap…these are way better. I bought them from Kim Kaps online. This one is kinda old school male (style 5)…I got a couple more female ones but they are already in my locker at work (style 3).

Jun 23

Boxes and Enzo

June 23, 2009

If there is one, he’ll find a way in it.

Jun 22


June 22, 2009

Gin with olives. B is a great bartender.

Jun 21

Rock Bottom, mmm

June 21, 2009

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