Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 30

Counting Coins

Sept 30, 2009

Sep 29

My Leg, Our Dog

Sept 29, 2009

Sep 28

I Say, ‘Aww’

Sept 28, 2009

Sep 27

Heat Transfer

Cooling down the coffee with some ice, in normal speak. Two PhD students together means a little bit of geek talk occurs.

Sep 26

Yup, Colin Does Exist (in pictures)

Sept 26, 2009

mmm…eating Brugge…wearing a newly acquired Indiana t-shirt. If only I had a picture of him singing and rocking out to some Guitar Hero.

Sep 25

Always Cute

Sept 25, 2009

I forgot to take pictures while we were over at Paddy and Eileen’s where I got to hold the cute Norah, try to keep the food from the dogs, protect Jonas from crazy licking Daisy, and Magic fun time with the boys.

Sep 24

OR Scrubs

Sept 24, 2009

O-R they?

Sep 23

Darts at the W

Sept 23, 2009

Colin (not pictured) arrived today so we had to show him the local hang out we’ve been a little to busy to frequent lately.

Sep 22

House Season 5

Sept 22, 2009

I enjoy watching a season all the way through in a short amount of time. It really brings the storyline together.

Sep 21

Studying for Management

Sept 21, 2009

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