Monthly Archive: October 2009

Oct 31

Blurry but with Potential

So a Monical’s Pizza opened near us and we decided to give it a try. We’ve had it before but anyway…pizza, yum. It’s pretty good, at least the buffalo chicken thin crust is good. When our waitress drops the bill I notice her name…Shaniqua. Really, it’s the name you’ve heard people say but not actually …

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Oct 30

Someday…Guitar Hero

will be played again. The poor, sad guitars are sitting in a corner by themselves. aww..

Oct 29

Last Clinical Day

After our presentations we went out to eat lunch together. It was our last group experience since we are basically on our own for capstone. Management wasn’t the most fun clinical but having it with these ladies made it a good time. Thank goodness for lunch ‘seminar’. We have: 1st row: Shannon, Corinne, Jenny, Carol …

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Oct 28

Falling Leaves

Oct 28, 2009

all the pretty trees are molting.

Oct 27

Donate Life

Oct 27, 2009

because being an organ donor rocks! Donate Life

Oct 27

Another Harvest Moon

Another Harvest Moon was a Heartland Film I was able to watch while volunteering. I missed probably the first 10 minutes but that’s ok. This film was about four elderly people in a nursing home. The main focus was on this man who is starting to become forgetful. He spends time with his son, daughter, …

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Oct 26

Who? Me? Cute?!

Oct 26, 2009

Why, yes.

Oct 25

These Boots are Made for Walking

Oct 25, 2009

Thanks, Granny….I really like these boots!

Oct 24

Knobstone Trail Run

Jean and I ventured down to Morgan-Monroe State Park for a 10 mile trail run called Knobstone Trail Mini-Marathon. There was a 5k, 10k, 10 mile, and 13.1 mile option. I thought the 13.1 might be a little much for some newbies and I was right. I thought well if we want at the end …

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Oct 23

Heartland Volunteering

Two days this week I went and volunteered at the Castleton movie theater. I was the ticket taker/ballot picker upper. It was pretty fun because I could talk to other people that enjoy the movies and you see a lot of the same people. One movie I helped with was sold out which was a …

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