Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 23

Cheesehead Pets

Dawn Sports Cheesehead

Feb 18

Dawn Racing

She (Greys Run Medown) is number 5 and comes in 3rd.

Feb 16

Crazy Heart

In Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges plays a country music singer in his 50s. He hasn’t made a new album in a long time and putters around in his old truck touring in small town bars or even bowling alleys. Plus, if you didn’t guess it, he’s an alcoholic. At one of his concerts he meets …

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Feb 08

Snow Party

Snowy Alley

Feb 07

Superbowl Sunday

Colts pride across the street.

Feb 06


We went to Winterfest a couple weekends ago. It was like Brewfest except freezing and you can’t empty your glass on the ground. Outside firkins. Lots of People Me drinking B drinking Walking Home

Feb 05

Photo-a-day Hiatus

Going to pause photo-a-day for a unknown period since I haven’t really been keeping up. But I will still post photos just not ‘daily’.