Monthly Archive: May 2010

May 21

A-Z: B is for Bourbon Street Distillery

Bourbon Street Distillery Downtown, on the awkward corner of Indiana, Senate, and Vermont. It has some awesome outdoor seating, which we didn’t get to experience because it was all full so we sat in the downstairs bar area. It looks pretty dingy, old school on the inside but not too dirty you are freaked out. …

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May 21

A-Z: A is for Ambrosia

Here Brent and I are 10 years later doing restaurant alphabet. Yes, in 2000 when we first started dating, I believe I came up with this marvelous idea and even made a scrapbook-like notebook of our accomplishment. Now there is blogging so I’ll write a little about it on here. We try to go to …

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May 16

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Movie)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Men who hate women–Swedish Style) was made based on the popular book by Stieg Larsson. The book is spectacular if you haven’t read it… So, I had to see this movie and I took Brent along with me because I figured it would be that good…and it was. The …

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May 16

All I Need is a Race Car

Kendra Helmet

May 14

For Your Health…

Smoker...For Your Health

really Mr. Smoker….I think you got the wrong license plate.

May 10

Brent and Karen (Mother’s Day)

Mother's Day 2010 B and Karen

After lunch at Rick’s Boatyard.

May 09

Mini Marathon 2010

It was kinda cold and pretty windy but overall it went pretty well. I ran with music which was a first for me…I think it made it go by quicker. I finished with 2:02:26. I thought I was going to be able to get around 2 hours but my hips and legs were so tight …

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May 05

At the Carwash