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Jul 30


Inception stars Leonardo Dicaprio (Dom Cobb) and some other goodies including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page. In this movie Cobb is able to get in to people’s dreams and extract information. Somehow they create a world for the person’s dream and are able to convince them to navigator the dreamer toward their subconscious secrets. Now, …

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Jul 29

A to Z: F is for Fat Dan’s Deli

Fat Dan’s Chicago Style Deli is a fairly new place in Broad Ripple right on the strip. I’d say it really lives up to it’s name. It has Cubs paraphernalia all over the walls and a tv to watch the games. Brent got the Chicago dog, made just like in Chicago. I got the Italian …

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Jul 28

6th Anniversary

On Saturday we went to Columbus to watch an MLS game. They were playing Houston and the Crew beat them 3 – 0. It was great and of course we had to become fans so we bought our outfits before the game. During half-time the mascots of Columbus played a game…. And then here’s some …

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Jul 25



Micmacs is a French movie by the same person who made Amelie. I could categorize it as an imaginative comedy. The premise is a man who works In a video store one night goes outside to see what the commotion is about. It happens there is car chase with gun shit and one of the …

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Jul 24

Brewfest 2010

Standing in Line

This year they expanded from the park to around the Broad Ripple Art Center. It was really nice because there is more room and more shade from trees which was key because it was super hot. Otherwise it was the same as usual with a few new brewers, more bathrooms, and more food vendors. We …

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Jul 19

Signs and Milwaukee

Cheese Castle

On our way there (and back) we encountered this sign…which I guess is a cheese store also available online. Kopp’s is a custard shop, also has some hot eats there as well but we just had the custard. (which was good.) Oh and it is our friend’s last name too. This was on a delivery …

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Jul 15

Millers at Milwaukee Day 2

Second day at the track included more driving chances but also issues with the car, like a pesky squeak. Karen gets a ride in a Bentley I get a chance to drive it. It was amazing. Grandma get a ride with Terry. Grandpa gets a chance to drive his creation. It was a great time …

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Jul 15

Millers at Milwaukee Day 1

Grandpa working on the car.

Loading the car in the trailer… Working on getting the car up and running. Car line up Getting interviewed by a local news person. Terry driving around Grandpa Castle I get a ride! Uncle Chris driving… Brent driving with a helmet.

Jul 14

New Glarus Brewing Co.

Spotted Cow

When we were in Wisconsin the past weekend we had the basic Spotted Cow by New Glarus. It was great for after those long days at the track. Then we got a special beer (lambic) by them called Wisconsin Belgian Red. I believe it said there was a pound of cherries in every bottle. It …

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Jul 13

A to Z: E is for Egg Roll No. 1

Egg Roll No. 1 is on the southside of Indianapolis. Why did we choose this fast food Chinese restaurant? Because it has phở and Brent heard it was good. Besides the tables full of kids celebrating something, every other grow up couple there was eating some form of phở. There are options to choose from …

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