Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 20

Iniquity, Life and Limb, Sculpin IPA

Iniquity is by Southern Tier. It is an imperial black ale and fairly good. I only took a taste, Brent was one of the main drinkers. Life and Limb is a Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head collaboration. It’s an American strong ale which I only had a taste of as well. I wasn’t overly impressed …

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Sep 19


Pumking by Southern Tier. This beer tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. It’s heavy on the spice but I liked it. Quite tasty and also a little strong at 9%. I’m glad we sampled it early in the season because we’ll have to grab another one while they are still around.

Sep 19

Jean and Chris, Magic Time

Jean, Chris, Magic

We sampled lots of tasty beer as well…pictures to follow.

Sep 19

Everyone Should Do It

The Shaker

I mean…just ten minutes is an hour on the treadmill!? A find at the state fair.

Sep 16

Cutting Down Our Tree

Tree Removal

I guess it is officially dead.

Sep 13

Get Low

Get Low stars Robert Duvall. He is completely awesome in this movie. Robert Duvall is a great actor. Bill Murray is also in this movie and is hilarious per usual. Imdb synopsis: A movie spun out of equal parts folk tale, fable and real-life legend about the mysterious, 1930s Tennessee hermit who famously threw his …

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Sep 12

A to Z: K is for Kilroy’s Bar and Grill

Brisket and Cheddar

Kilroy’s Bar and Grill is a Bloomington original that came to Indy not too long ago. Since Kilroy’s in Bloomington is getting a makeover I wonder if the interior will look similar to the Indy location. The interior is very wood and brick with a big bar area in the middle and surrounding tables. The …

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Sep 05

Dinner in Chicago: Longman and Eagle

Ryan was in Chicago for a conference so Brent and I went up last night for dinner. Colleen, Paddy, Eileen, and little Norah were already up there so we all got to have dinner together. Dinner was at Longman and Eagle. It was a wonderful experience. There was good beer too which is a super …

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Sep 05

A to Z: J is for Janko’s Little Zagreb

Janko’s Little Zagreb is down in Bloomington. Brent was already down there for school and I made the trip down to join him for dinner. It touts itself as Bloomington’s number one steakhouse. We’ve been wanting to try it since I was going to school there and finally we made the visit. Dinner starts with …

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Sep 05

A to Z: I is for Iaria’s Italian Restaurant

Iaria’s Italian Restaurant was founded in 1933 and is still family owned. The inside looks almost like a diner. It sports Italian colors and has family pictures on the wall. The end wall is a mirror to make the dining room look bigger than it is. There is also a bar area but we didn’t …

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