Aug 24

A to Z: G is for Greek Islands

Finally made it to a G restaurant. Greek Islands is obviously a Greek restaurant just south of downtown. It looks to be in a little old house. The inside is decorated nicely but it’s nothing too fancy.

Brent and I started with the Saganaki. This the cheese they light on fire near your table with a nice opa! It actually wasn’t as good as some I’ve had, a little chewy, but completely edible. For our lunches we got gyro and pork souvlaki. The gyro was standard and the tzaziki good. There were delicious potato slices for the side. Crisp edges and just a little vinegar, yum. The pork was good as well, not chewy, cooked perfectly. We decided to get baklava for dessert. Brent thought it was good but it was another item that I thought I had better elsewhere. It was tough and something about the taste wasn’t impressive.

I think the side of potatoes are enough to get me to come again.

Greek Islands

Greek Island Gyro

*only remembered to take a picture after I started eating. I had already put the onions aside.