There is Threadless and Threadless Kids.

YOU can help ME get StreetTeam points. This means if you decide to buy a shirt from Threadless, click on this link (THIS ONE) and when you buy a shirt via this link, I get $3.00. Each time you buy a shirt via this link I get $3.00. This helps me be able to afford more Threadless shirts. Thanks…in advance!

Clever Disguise

Clever Disguise

Brent in B.F.F. (Best Friends Forever)

Brent BFF

Go Fish

Go Fish

Claire in Ask Me How I Became a Pirate

Claire Ask Me How I Became a Pirate

Claire in Alphabet Zoo

Claire Alphabet Zoo

Regrowth: Katrina

Regrowth: Katrina

A Choice You Need To Make

A Choice You Need To Make Jean - A Choice You Need To Make

Chris in Hypotamoose

Chris - Hypotamoose

Chris in Captain Awesome

Chris - Captain Awesome

Jean in Camouflage

Jean - Camouflage

Paddy in Ah Munna Eat Choo

Paddy - Ah Munna Eat Choo

Loch Ness Imposter

Loch Ness Imposter

Chris in We’re Toast

Chris - We’re Toast

Jean in Living in Harmony

Jean - Living in Harmony

Claire in Pickles are Cucumbers Soaked in Evil

Claire - Pickles are Cucumbers Soaked in Evil

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Jean in Refrigerator Running

Jean - Refrigerator Running

Paddy in mmm… oranges!

Paddy - mmm… oranges!

Chris in In Case Of Zombies

Chris - In Case Of Zombies

Mark in Sasquatch In Disguise

Mark - Sasquatch In Disguise

Mark in MP(3)

Mark MP(3)

Jean in Calling Home

Jean Calling Home

Brent in The Communist Party

Brent-The Communist Party

Mark in Fake Pandas Have More Fun

Fake Pandas - Mark

How to draw ANIMALS

How to draw ANIMALS

Haikus are easy but…

Haikus are easy but…

Jonas in Take Me To Tokyo

Take Me To Tokyo

Mark in Best Mime Ever

Mark Best Mime Ever

Hungry Hippo

Hungry Hippo

Mark in Rock ‘n Work

Mark rock ‘n work

My Pet Human

My Pet Human

Jonas in We’re on the Same Level

Jonas We’re on the same level

Runnin’ Rhino

Runnin’ Rhino

Mark in Threadless

Mark in Threadless

Mark in Teddybear loves Teddyboy

Mark, Teddybear loves Teddyboy

Mark in Stone Jungle

Mark Stone Jungle

Mark in Doin My Best

Doin My Best - Mark



Mark in Disbelief

Disbelief - Mark

Summer Passing

Summer Passing


  1. Claire

    Hey Mrs. Kendra — if you’d like more pictures for the cause, I have some of my fine self modelling a few Threadless shirts (which I took for my own Street Team points). Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. Jon Speer

    Saw this and thought you’d like to see it–especially since the Threadless addition to your site:

  3. h

    K-Sis – I want to support and get a T. What size do you usually get?

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