I am currently living in Maryland with my husband, Brent Castle, my daughter Morgan, and my cat, Enzo.

Education: BA Psychology, Indiana University. MA Clinical Psychology, Ball State University. BSN (Nursing), IUPUI.

Job: Work as an RN in the PICU.

Hobbies: Knit (I try to be crafty), Run (distance), Read, Yoga, Bake (or no-bake cookies that is), Movie Watching, and Music Listening.

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  1. Darcy Lee

    Kendra –
    Thanks for the Threadless T for Jude. I will be sure to take a picture of him in the shirt and send it to you….before he pees on it, which he likes to do to my favorite outfits:)

    I hope you and Brent (and the doggy) are doing well.


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